“I thoroughly enjoyed spending time with Eva. She was very calming, friendly and she really helped me to rethink certain aspects of my life. It was refreshing to take time out to talk to someone and I really loved the holistic approach that Eva seemed to encompass in our sessions. I would definitely be happy to come and see Eva again as she was lovely.” – Francesca

“Eva has been a huge blessing to me. From my very first session I have felt so comfortable and really safe to share my heart honestly with her. She has showed me so much love, understanding and encouragement and I can honestly say it has been life changing. I’m forever grateful for her support and seeing my prayers get answered has been mind blowing. I feel much stronger in myself and have certainly received inner healing.” – Claire

“Working with Eva has really helped me mentally regarding family issues. She has helped me see situations as well as myself in a new light with realistic goals I believe I am able to achieve. Having a new outlook on situations is making them easier to digest and I trust the process 100%. It has truly been a journey.” – Milly

“Eva was quite simply brilliant! Having tried counselling before several times without making a lasting change, this time it was completely different and genuinely life changing. It was easy to talk to Eva and to build a rapport with her. She was really caring and wanted to get to know me, understand what was going on in my life and with what I was struggling. I always looked forward to our sessions. The real difference for me was having someone there to offer an objective, non-judgmental viewpoint and then work with me to find the right solutions together, supported by her own knowledge and insights. Eva inspired me to do better – I learned a lot about myself, my mind-set and how to improve my important relationships.” – Alan

“I came to Eva after a difficult relationship break-up. I was so impressed by how professional and organised she was, yet compassionate and understanding at the same time. Eva is incredibly skilled at what she does and I was amazed by the progress I made during my time with her and the life-changing results that followed. She is brilliant at helping you get to the root of a problem but in a very sensitive and considerate way. I would highly, highly recommend Eva and am so thankful for my time spent with her.” – Sarah

“I was very stuck and confused when I met Eva, but through her guidance she has helped me unravel a web of complexities, enabled me to accept the past and begin the journey forward. Eva creates a safe and trusting environment and immediately put me at ease.
I was particularly impressed by the range of tools she used in our sessions, such as recommending helpful talks and literature and using visual aids. This helped the process enormously. Thank you!” – Rachel

“Before seeing Eva, life was a bit like a building zone – dust everywhere, crumbling walls, cracks in the foundations and everything being held up with a few very exposed RSJ’s. My lovely home still had a few sad pictures hanging, but it had been battered by various storms and I had no idea how to repair it.
Even though going to see a counsellor went against every British part in me, spending this time with Eva has been the best thing I have ever done.
She is the equivalent of an exceptional building surveyor and consultant in one. She was able to walk alongside me and highlighted immediate areas that required repair and identified difficult areas which required further investigation.
However, rather than being tempted to skim over the crack with some plaster and temporary building solutions, she encouraged me to explore the issue further, going right to the root of the problem. She supported me in learning how to repair and heal the damage properly to prevent it from repeating again.
Like all building work, living through it is hard work but in the end, it is worth it. My house is slowing being restored back to its original beauty using the best materials to be stronger and better. I am very grateful to all Eva has done and I could not recommend her highly enough.” – Rebekah

“Lovely lady! Very calming and understanding. Eva helped me to think things through when I was struggling and at a very low ebb and provided much needed one to one support to work it all through.”  – Susan

“My doctor referred me to Eva for counselling as I was depressed, feeling hopeless and weeping constantly. I was also convinced I had a serious illness.  The first thing which struck me about Eva was her gentle, welcoming smile and very soon I experienced not only her warmth but the professional way in which she dealt with my concerns. She helped me to view things objectively as well as not being afraid of setting boundaries where needed. Eva affirmed me when I doubted myself and encouraged me in many ways. As I look back, I cannot believe the change in myself. I can see clearly that there is hope and more to come and I am extremely grateful to Eva for how she has patiently listened to me and guided me.”  – Pamela

“I received counselling sessions from Eva during a very difficult time in my life. I felt completely unable to escape a very dark corner in which I was trapped. I had almost resigned myself to living with stress, anxiety and fear. I had lost all my motivation due to an ongoing medical condition which impacted negatively upon my self-esteem. Eva helped me to look at my anxieties and to face them. I was slowly able to recover, regain my motivation and break that negative vicious circle which stopped me from going further in my life. The counselling sessions with Eva have always been moments of “fresh air” and serene openness. Eva is a very kind and gentle person and I felt really at ease and comfortable talking to her about extremely personal fears and emotions. She always provided me with useful thoughts and suggestions and I often reflect upon our conversations which have been very instrumental in my recovery. ” – Stephan

“I started working with Eva as a result of suffering from depression and anxiety. Seeing Eva on a weekly basis was my lifeline. I warmed to her immediately and could trust her completely. She is very kind and does not judge. She has helped me enormously to face and deal with traumatic experiences and situations in a safe environment. Eva also offers practical advice which has been invaluable. With her help, I am now in a much better place emotionally.”  – Ann

“I was on a cliff edge wondering whether to jump or look around to see if I could find a helper. I was in a very dark place due to past abuse inflicted upon me as a child more than 40 years ago. Hearing of similar events to an unknown child led me to ask for help.

I thank God that I was introduced to Eva. Through her patience, professionalism and expertise, I have been able to rediscover my happy, jolly and care-free self. I have relearned how to love myself and am now able to look at my image in the mirror and cherish whom God has made me to be.”   – Comfort

“After experiencing a number of months of acute worry and anxiety, I contacted Eva. Looking back, admitting that I needed to see someone was the most difficult step. Our weekly sessions are a time for me to reflect and think out loud with someone else to hear my thoughts and help make sense of them. Eva is kind, compassionate and wise, offering very practical ways to address my thought life and continuously pointing me to God who loves and cares for me deeply.”  – Gwendoline

“I felt very comfortable with Eva and she was very reassuring. She made me think about things from a deeper perspective and now I have a different outlook on everything which affects me. Thank you Eva! I am very grateful! ”  – Janet

“I chose Eva because her professional background filled me with confidence and more importantly I wanted someone who could understand my beliefs. Eva used a client led technique which allowed us to reach gently deep inside me to address my behaviours, thoughts and emotions whilst feeling completely safe to do so. I have a new found freedom, joy and peace which I was longing to experience once again. I am so much more self-aware. Without a doubt I will see Eva again in the future. I am so grateful to have met such a warm and professional individual. If you are looking for help you will find it at Eva Huckle Counselling. ” – Tara

“I started seeing Eva during a difficult time in my life and she helped me get through it and realise things I was trying to avoid about myself. She listened to my problems and my worries with patience and helped me make sense of them. Thank you Eva for your encouragement and support over these past months. Most of all, thank you for listening to me! You really helped me a lot!”  – Olga

“Eva – I just wanted to say that seeing you has made a great difference in my life, not just mentally but physically too.  I must admit that I was a bit hesitant to see a counsellor at first but I am so glad I came!  I would definitely recommend you to anyone!”  – Rita

“Eva has been a great positive and progressive help to my life, utilising her professional counselling skills but more importantly helping me to build on my inner confidence and work through my anxiety.  She helped me to actualise and acknowledge points from my past that I needed to work on in a controlled and manageable fashion.  It is nothing short of a miracle how my life has turned around and I’m grateful to Eva for this.  Thank you.”  – Melanie

“Eva provided a safe and judgement-free zone, something that was missing in my life.  This allowed me to trust her and to be honest. Her sympathetic nature made it easy to open up and with her guidance, look at my circumstances through a different lens.”  – Gavin

“I’m so glad I came to see Eva.  It was incredibly helpful to be able to talk openly about the various anxieties and situations with which I was struggling to cope.  Eva was always gentle, supportive and insightful.  She helped me to articulate how I was feeling (often for the first time) and start to look at how I might be able to hold things differently.  I could definitely see an improvement in how I was feeling after our sessions.  I chose to come to Eva because of her professional background and varied experience and it was important to me that we shared the same Christian faith as that’s a key part of who I am.”  – Jenny

“I’d never attended counselling before and I found it quite daunting to contact a counsellor.  Eva was very welcoming and warm and I found talking to her easy.  She helped me to understand my problems and also helped me to work through them.  I always found Eva to be very professional and I would highly recommend her.” – Judith

“I’ve really enjoyed working with Eva!  She is warm, calm, supportive and professional.  I saw quick progression from our sessions and the impact it had on my life from an early stage and throughout my counselling journey.  She helped me see things from a different perspective, build my confidence and develop in ways I thought impossible.  I feel like a completely different person after having worked with her and could not recommend her highly enough!” – Connie

“At my first appointment over a year ago, I felt weighed down by stress, lethargy and a pressure to make big decisions. Eva was a very friendly, helpful and supportive listener who was able to challenge me to think about things from a different perspective. The process took time but now that the fog has lifted, I have the energy and motivation to pursue new, meaningful challenges and the confidence to develop my leadership potential. I can’t recommend (or thank!) Eva enough.” – Samuel

“My sessions with Eva have been so valuable and I will carry the lessons I’ve learned through the rest of my life. The work we’ve done has addressed some of the deepest emotional aspects of my life and has allowed me to let go of a lot of the past and to move forward with a greater sense of calm. I feel far more grounded with a sense of who I am and what brings me happiness. Whilst being the most difficult part of my life, Eva has helped me address it with her kindness, insight and approach. I highly recommend working with her.” – Louise

“Thank you, Eva, for this past year. I’m amazed looking back at this journey. It wasn’t easy and took me to places I never expected to go, but I feel a different person now and definitely feel the happiest I have in a long time. Thank you for your wisdom and special giftings and for helping me to think about my emotions and how to deal with situations that have cropped up from time to time. “ – Rachel